Celebrating 155 Years

The Penola PA&H Society is pleased to present two days of jam-packed horse action over Saturday, November 2 and Sunday, November 3. Please download the program for further information on all 8 rings available, including stewards contact details.

RING 1 – Topsy Turvy, 9.00am Saturday
RING 2 – Open Qualifying Show Ring, 8.30am Sunday
RING 3 – Non Qualifying Ring, 8.30am Sunday
RING 4 – Pony Club Ring, following Topsy Turvy Saturday
RING 5 – Straight Jumping, 8.30am Saturday
RING 6 – Encourage Show Jumping, 10.30am Saturday
RING 7 – Showjumping, 8.30am Saturday
RING 8 – Stockman’s Challenge, 9.30am Sunday (postal nomination to be received by October 21).

EXHIBITORS/COMPETITORS must be current members of the Penola PA & H Society Incorporated or pay a double entry fee and gate admission each time they enter the show grounds. The entry fee for each class includes insurance levy.


1. Penola P.A.& H.Society is affiliated with Equestrian Australia

2. Member subscriptions to be paid prior to show or at time of entry 

3. Membership fees: Single – $22.00, Junior – $12.00.All riders must be a financial member of the Penola PA & H Society. Please indicate on entry forms if you are a current financial life member of the Penola PA & H Society. 

4. Entry Fees: include GST. All exhibitors whether they are registered or not, are to pay the full amount as stated in the schedule. To claim GST you must submit your ABN when lodging your entries.NO ENTRY FEES ARE REFUNDED under any circumstances.

5. Prize Money & Trophies: All prizes in this section are offered in terms of general regulations of the Society.

6. Prize money does not include GST.GST will be added to the prize money for exhibitors who are registered for GST and have provided ABN.

7. Ribbons to 3rd place in all rings.

8. Unless specifically recommended by the judge/s, 2nd and 3rd prize money will not be awarded in classes in which competitors are less than three in number. 

9. Show Jumping – only 1st, 2nd & 3rd prize money will be awarded in classes in which competitors are less than six in number. 

10. Disqualification: if any competitor fails to enter the ring by the third call.

11. Disqualification: incurred if gear breaks to the extent that the rider cannot carry on. 

12. Attire: Riders must wear approved boots and head gear at all times when mounted. Hunting, riding or correct attire must be worn unless otherwise stated in program. EA Hot Weather Policy will apply.

13. Certificates: birth certificates are to be produced if requested by ring steward in specified age classes.

14. Registration certificates and performance cards must be produced if requested by judge or steward (Melbourne and Adelaide certificates acceptable). 

15. Stallions are not eligible for saddle classes (ring events). 

16. No horse will be permitted to enter the show ring with any prize ribbon affixed to any portion of the horse, rider or equipment, except in parades. 

17. All Show Jumping events to be run under FEI & EA rules. 

18. Swabbing: as per FEI & EA rules. 

19. Protests: Must be lodged in writing & with a deposit of $50 with the secretary within 30 minutes of the event. The decision of the Disputes Committee. 

20. The Convenor & Stewards have the power to alter and/or delete classes at their discretion. 

21. Should any competitor/exhibitor or other person acting for them nominate the same horse and/or rider in different classes that may clash, they do so at their own risk as classes will not be delayed waiting for them to enter. 

22. Cruelty to any animals on the McCorquindale Park grounds during the events held by the Penola P.A&H Society will not be tolerated. You will be asked to leave the grounds if you cannot abide by this regulation.

23. MEMBERSHIP needs to only be paid once, convenors will check membership details if entering in more than one ring.

24. Refunds on entry fees will be given upon proof of a vet or doctors certificate. The Penola PA & H Society will retain membership fees.

25. All prizes and prize money must be collected on the day or it will be forfeited to the Show Society.